Frequently asked questions about ice cream franchise

Il marchio Cremeria Vienna

Il marchio Cremeria Vienna

La formula è diventata una garanzia di successo, facciamo nascere nuove gelaterie artigianali in franchising, sotto il marchio Cremeria vienna.

Would you like to open an ice cream shop franchise Cremeria Vienna in your city or you want more information?

Cremeria Vienna has successfully established itself on the market with its philosophy of production: a network of ice cream franchise and solid branched-based stores with on-site laboratory for the production of ice cream with fresh ingredients, capable of meeting the palate of the most demanding consumers.

To get a quote I have to pay?

If you send us the pictures in the layout of the store, with the exact location, we will give you immediately a feasibility study of your ice cream franchise. All free of charge.

There is a territorial exclusivity?

There is an exclusive area according to a predetermined level. If areas of expertise are available, you can accomplish more outlets in the same province, providing discounted.

Which surface has to have the store?

The venue is found by the franchisee and evaluated together with our contact person. It must have a minimum area of 40 square meters.

Where it should be located the store?

Areas with high pedestrian and car or with a high population density. Shopping centers. Tourist centers.

How quickly does the preparation of the local?

Once the local, will be in our care:

  • design of water systems and electrical
  • indications of any changes to be made to local masonry, flooring, painting
  • the setting up of local including furniture, signs, promotional material
  • the realization of the laboratory for the production of ice cream.

Dall ‘approval of the project implementation, the timing may vary from 30 to 60 days.

How is the training?

The training that is included in the package will be the same and will have the local staging of ‘place on site or at our premises. The training course will provide you with the right support for all operations related to the production and sale of the product.

It is expected the after opening?

The inauguration will be witnessed by one of our officer to assist in the early contacts with new customers.
In addition, a gelato expert will support you in the first days of opening.
Afterwards there will be our care, maintenance and development: we will help in the supply of raw materials, we will propose new products, we will ensure support for enlargement.