A fresh and genuine product

Our experience and success are based on just a few fundamental elements through our experience in the art of ice-cream making

  • The product: fresh and genuine
  • Cheapness investment
  • Simplicity of business management

The Cremeria Vienna’s story began with the desire to create a product that was really genuine and appetizing, but with a characteristic and recognizable flavor.
For our product we use milk and cream.
We do not use fruit essences but only fresh seasonal fruit, that is why we cannot provide it to our stores.

To all of our candidate affiliates we propose, before any other economic discourse, a simple product tasting and a visit to our factory.
Together, we look at the strenght of your investment.
Below, we will analyse the reasons for the conviction  – that arises from our experience – , that the investment is absolutely secure.

You convinced?

Being an ice-cream parlour manager (and making ice-cream!) is simple, and with Cremeria Vienna is even simpler, because you can always count on our support and experience.

Let's give the floor to affiliates

Lorenzo Lippolis
Manduria affiliate

I have the restaurant industry because one of the few with expansion possibilities.

The ice cream shop specifically because it involves less risk and through the affiliation process was very simple and does not require specific experience in the field.

Roberta Stella
Holder Cremeria Vienna Athens

I wanted my independence. The difficulties were many and, above all, I had no capital to start.

I met with the franchise Cremeria Vienna and I realized it was the right way.
Today I am the owner of my company and I feel fulfilled.