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Cremeria Vienna Cremeria Vienna

Artisan Masters of Ice Cream since 1982

Cremeria Vienna was founded in 1982 by brothers Vincenzo and Gianni Mazzuto with a common passion, to create the best artisan ice cream. Our ice creams are made every day in each store respecting the tradition of the Italian artisan masters. Over the years, we have delighted the world’s taste buds through our ice cream franchise.

What makes an ice cream, a Cremeria Vienna one?

Just only high quality

For the production of our Artisan Ice Cream, we carefully choose raw materials and use fresh milk and cream to ensure excellent quality of our products at all times. Our rolled cones are tasty and fragrant.

100% Artisan Ice Cream

Our ice cream is made every day in the small artisan workshops of our ice cream shops. We combine the Italian tradition of making ice cream with new innovative techniques. Every day our master ice cream makers strive to improve the quality of our artisanal products to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Only fresh seasonal fruit

The production of our fruit flavors is done only with fresh seasonal fruits, because our priority is quality.

Masters since 1982

Cremeria Vienna has a proud history since 1982. Our ice creams made with experience and love are appreciated all over the world.

CREMERIA VIENNA, not only ice cream

The success of our Franchise Ice Cream Shops stems from the quality of our products and the range of our offerings. We produce not only ice cream but also other non-seasonal products.

Opening an Ice Cream Shop in Cremeria Vienna Franchising is easy and advantageous

Just ask who have done it:

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