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Today the snack is called Bocconcino!

Among the traditional ice cream typical of Italian production, ice cream cookie is perhaps the best known and appreciated by all ages. It is a simple preparation and genuine that Cremeria Vienna prepares with an entirely handmade.

Two tasty cookies hug ice cream in our laboratories, made exclusively with milk and cream, without the use of dyes and preservatives.

Enjoy it in three variants:

White: delicate and pure milk
Hazel: only Piemonte hazelnuts IGP
Chocolate: only pure Dutch cocoa

Out cookie, ice cream in only 100% handmade,  Cremeria Vienna


Try it in three flavors

White Bocconcino


Fresh whole milk cream and sugar.
Three simple ingredients for the more traditional” tastes.

Hazel Bocconcino


Fresh whole milk cream and sugar dop of Piemonte hazelnuts
The intense flavor and aroma lingering only Piemonte hazelnut can reveal.

Chocolate Bocconcino


Fresh whole milk cream and sugar the purity of the best Dutch cocoa for more unique tastes

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