Masters since 1982

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Why choose Cremeria Vienna?

Only high quality

For our homemade ice cream we use milk, cream and the addition of a main ingredient. it is available in different flavors linked to the imagination and location of the store.

100% handmade

Our homemade ice cream is appreciated all over the world and Cremeria Vienna prepares a fresh and genuine product every day.

only fresh seasonal fruit

The production of homemade ice cream is done directly at the point of sale, guaranteeing a high quality ice cream that only Cremeria Vienna can assure you today.

Masters since 1982

Enzo Mazzuto, Cremeria Vienna CEO: "our ice creams are produced every day at the point of sale, respecting the tradition of the Italian ice cream masters."

Not just ice cream

The success of our franchising ice cream shops is also the variety of our products. Thanks to the experience we have accumulated over the years we have created a series of quality products with a distinctive and recognizable taste to fight the seasonal nature of ice cream.

Cremeria Vienna Experiences


About Us

Our Mission

We want our product to remain as it is in all stores and to guarantee the excellence of our ice cream to all our customers, wherever they are. To offer the quality of artisanal gelato, the processing is done at the point of sale, but we check the whole process to overcome any unforeseen events that would risk altering the product.

Our Vision

To taste, through a franchising ice cream shop, the same quality that we would taste in a small Italian artisan ice cream shop.

The strength of our Numbers

Passion, sacrifices and a strong identity have allowed us to become an International Brand and to spread the quality of Italian craftsmanship.

Franchising Cremeria Vienna

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