The strenght of the investment

The consumption of ice-cream does not go with the trends. Ice-cream has NEVER been out of fashion.

The Winning reasons:

  • The consumption of ice-cream does not go with the trends. Ice-cream has NEVER been out of fashion.
  • The consumption of ice-cream is across-the-board (transversal): it is loved and consumed at all ages, without distinction of gender, social class, or economic stability. A good, genuine ice-cream is healthy and loved by ALL.
  • The consumption of ice-cream is not influenced by specific seasonal characteristics. Cremeria Vienna also means excellent crepes, shakes, waffles, hot chocolate, cold desserts etc…
  • Ice-cream is a product that does not need stocks: a modest sized refrigerator is sufficient. As a consequence, there are savings not only on provisions, but also a total saving cost on stock: these are indispensable fixed expenses for other commercial activities, but completely useless for Cremeria Vienna!
  • The store does not require a huge area, because the distribution (administration) of the product is fast and there is not the stationing of customers. The space optimization becomes am additional saving!
  • The store does not need to be necessarily located in a central position. Each urban area has its own characteristics and its own peculiarities of consumption and consumers.
  • The activity, once started, thanks to the initial investment, needs no other investments, so you do not run the risk of losing control of the situation. Everything has been planned and monitored.
  • The ice-cream parlour does not need specialized personnel. The staff can be trained extremely quickly as everything is very simple. If you, yourself, decide to work in the parlour, who would better optimize the speed and quality of the service? Don’t be afraid, it is not necessary a previous experience in this sector. You will become parlour manager in a week by taking part to the brief training course!
  • To join the Vienna Service Project you do not need to pay entrance fees. To remain in the Vienna Service Project you do not need to pay monthly fees.
    Investment in Vienna Service Project will pay for itself easily.
[imedica_call_to_action title=”You convinced?” title_font=”font_family:Lobster|font_call:Lobster” title_font_style=”font-weight:300;” desc_font=”font_family:Open Sans|font_call:Open+Sans” btn_color=”#ffffff” btn_content=”Contact us” btn_button_size=”large” btn_btn_style=”outline” btn_outline_color_text_hover=”#ffffff” btn_color_border=”#8d7d74″ btn_outline_color_bg=”#8d7d74″ btn_outline_color_bg_hover=”#a99f96″ btn_border_size=”1″ btn_btn_link=”||” title_font_size=”desktop:37px;” desc_font_size=”desktop:13px;” desc_font_line_height=”desktop:20px;” btn_font_size=”desktop:13px;” title_font_color=”#a99f96″ box_border=”border-style:none;|border-left-width:1px;” title_font_line_height=”desktop:28px;” btn_font_line_height=”desktop:23px;”]The ice cream franchise Cremeria Vienna has the strengths common interests and responsibilities of all partners affiliates.
Our goal is to make the ice cream of the highest quality in the most artisan can, with fresh ingredients, with a format that enhances the company’s image.[/imedica_call_to_action]