Our experience tells us that position, although helpful in the success of the parlour, is not the most important factor.

In any case, according to your proposals, we will guide you in the choice. Because your success is also ours.
Once signed the lease, will be our technicians and workers to set up and prepare your ice cream parlour.
At that point you just have to start your new business as ice cream makers and, above all, as Your own entrepreneurs!

The stores can be located:
in a central area(or Old Town)
in a secondary area(suburbs)
in a tourist area
in small centres
For each area, it is expected a different consumers range:
visitors in the first
local customers in the second
dynamic in the third
inhabitants in the last
The store, although located in different areas, will have to maintain the standard features that will make recognizable our format
A regular shape: the sale area has to be preferably squared
A wide area for the entrance: the customer should be able to see the product, to enter and exit  easily
A laboratory: a small area dedicated to the handling of the product and the storage of raw materials.