This success can be yours too

Today we can say with confidence that we have reached the goals we set to ourselves and to have consolidated its into a project that involves the reproduction of a successful formula.

Franchising Vienna Service Project is economically rewarding and is intended primarily for the immediate satisfaction of the affiliate and the achievement of its commercial and entrepreneurial success.

A success, ours, that requires the application of a formula which is consistent, rigorous and coordinated in all its aspects.
That is why we will always choose, among the candidates ice cream entrepreneurs, who will reach the more ideal profile prefigured in our marketing plan, and who will embrace in his personal professional philosophy, the Vienna Service Project’s modus operandi.

The seriousness of the project and the quality of the product are two aspects that must always and absolutely be safeguarded in the interests of all those who will work under the brand of Cremeria Vienna.

You convinced?

Even the careful selection of an Affiliate is a guarantee for all.

Let's give the floor to affiliates

Lorenzo Lippolis
Manduria affiliate

I have the restaurant industry because one of the few with expansion possibilities.

The ice cream shop specifically because it involves less risk and through the affiliation process was very simple and does not require specific experience in the field.

Roberta Stella
Holder Cremeria Vienna Athens

I wanted my independence. The difficulties were many and, above all, I had no capital to start.

I met with the franchise Cremeria Vienna and I realized it was the right way.
Today I am the owner of my company and I feel fulfilled.