Also opening will be a collaborator

Permanent assistance

First step. Preliminary assistance.

Beforehand signing the contract. We will support you to choose the most appropriate location, evaluating your own proposals. Once the location is chosen, during the renovation works (if necessary) the training course will begin: it will last one week, and it will provide the right support for all operations related to the production and sale of the product. The course includes:

  • A theoretical part: ice cream preparation techniques, rules and regulations concerning the sector, health and safety practices.
  • An operational part: ice cream production and sale, to be held at our headquarters and care of one of our stores.

Second step. Launch assistance.

It starts when your store is ready.
It consists in the supply of raw materials (except only for fresh fruit and milk), of consumables (napkins, spoons, cones and so on), and gifts for product tasting
At the grand opening, a Vienna Service technician and functionary will be there to assist you in the first contact with your new customers and work, to wish you success for the new activity: Your Activity!

Third step. Support, maintenance and development.

It will begin the day after the grand opening.
This will be a permanent phase, in which Vienna Service will take care of:

  • re-supplying you with raw materials according to a program/schedule;
    informing you on our new products and on all our promotions;
  • advising you about the most required products among customers;
    checking that our quality standards will be followed;
  • ensuring that the necessary safety standards will be applied, as that our production and sale techniques will be applied;
  • ensuring that only our products will be advertised;
  • to be guaranteed that the professional image of “La Cremeria Vienna” is maintained;
  • advising you on the best methods to improve your activity by proposing products that counterbalance the natural drop in ice-cream sales during winter months;
  • to be guaranteed the exclusivity of the area according to predetermined parameters.