Vienna Service Project

The business project that will change your life

We will follow you step by step in this new adventure.

Vienna Service Project

Become an entrepreneur of yourself

The Cremeria Vienna is a franchised ice cream shop with a great history. We are certain that our strategy has now become a guarantee of success.
 We give birth to new ice cream parlors, pouring our experience into a franchise ice cream project, the “Vienna Service Project”. The entrepreneurial project that will change your life if you decide to share it with us.

If in the previous questions you recognized desires, expectations of life, work and success that belong to you, it means that you are in the right place and that you are ready to be part of our big family.

What are the Steps to open a Cremeria Vienna?

1) We will choose the Location

The search for the right space is the fulcrum of the collaboration project. The choice of location is a very delicate phase, which we will evaluate together with the utmost attention:

2) Design

The design of a Vienna Cremeria will have to follow the guidelines indicated by our team of experts: we want our ice-cream parlors to be recognizable, and to do this we want to create a common thread that links both the aesthetic and the quality of the products.
All the new openings will have to be consistent with the basic project that aims to make the ice cream shop an authentic taste shop.
Our ice cream parlors are an exclusive and refined place, where fresh homemade ice cream is served.
These are environments suitable for welcoming and pampering a demanding clientele that is attentive to every detail.

For this reason the design and layout of the store will be carried out under our supervision in order to guarantee the success of the project.


Making an ice cream shop with us is cheaper !!!
This is why Cremeria Vienna enjoys special discounts on shop fitting that it will pass on to its affiliates.

4) Signature of the Contract

Here we are! The signing of the contract is the moment that marks the beginning of the Vienna Service Project affiliation.
From now on, we will put at your disposal all the experience we have accumulated in the sector.

5) Training

During the execution of the staging of the store, the training course will begin which will provide you with the right support for all the operations related to the production and sale of the product.

The course includes:
A theoretical part, ice-cream preparation techniques, economic control systems, legal regulations affecting the sector, hygiene-health standards to be respected.

An operational part: production and sale of ice cream, at one of our sales points.

6) Inauguration

Finally you will be ready for your new adventure !!

The inauguration is essential for the success of your business.
This is why Cremeria Vienna will accompany you until you are ready to manage your business independently.

Completamento 100%

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