Cremeria Vienna

since 1982

Our Ice Cream

Our homemade ice cream is appreciated all over the world and Cremeria Vienna prepares a fresh and genuine product every day. The production of our homemade ice cream is based on a few fundamental elements:

  • The freshness of our ingredients
  • Tradition in production
  • the quality of our ingredients

Our products

Discover all our varieties


Tasting one of our Viennini you will find the same taste as a homemade ice cream. Available in different variations.


Two tasty biscuits embrace the ice cream of our laboratories, produced exclusively with milk and cream, without the use of dyes and preservatives.

Soft Yogurt

Yogurt ice cream that keeps the pleasant sensation of homemade ice cream.

Soy Ice Cream

Goodness and health, without sacrificing the taste and creaminess of traditional ice cream.

Brioche Hot

An explosion of pleasure
Hot outside, cool inside


You can enjoy our crepes in all our stores.


Inside our Ice Cream Parlors you can enjoy waffles: a freshly prepared dessert.


Our profitterols stuffed with chilled dessert.


Our Tiramisu are prepared daily with the freshest ingredients.

Pezzo Duro

Discover our strawberry dessert: tasty stew filled with vanilla ice cream and strawberry.


Our Zuccotto, soft homemade ice cream wrapped in delicate sponge cake!


Sweets made of homemade ice cream.

How to open a Cremeria Vienna

The Cremeria Vienna is an ice cream shop with a great history. We are confident that our strategy has now become a guarantee of success. We are creating new ice cream parlors, pouring all our experience into a franchise ice cream project: the “Vienna Service Project”.

A business project that could change your life and turn yourself into an entrepreneur.

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