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Cremeria Vienna Cremeria Vienna

Vienna Service Project

The entrepreneurial project that will change your life

what's Vienna Service Project

Since 1982, our history has been marked by success.
Certain that our formula is now a guarantee of success, we will pour all our experience into opening your Artisan Ice Cream Franchise .


Rely on the “Vienna Service Project,” the entrepreneurial project that will change your life.

If you recognized desires, expectations for life, work and success in the previous questions, you are ready to join our big family.

What are the Steps for opening a Cremeria Vienna

1) Choosing a location

That of choosing a location is a very delicate phase, which we will consider together with the utmost care:

Completion 16%

2) Designing

The design of a Cremeria Vienna will have to follow basic lines indicated by our team of experts: we want our ice cream parlors to be recognizable, and to do this we want to create a common thread that binds both the aesthetic and product quality parts of them.


All new openings should be consistent with the basic project that aims to make the ice cream store an authentic taste boutique.All new openings should be consistent with the basic project that aims to make the ice cream store an authentic taste boutique.


Our ice cream parlors are an exclusive and refined place where artisanal ice cream is served fresh daily. They are environments suitable for welcoming and pampering a demanding clientele that pays attention to every detail.

For this reason, the design and layout of the store will be carried out under our supervision so as to ensure the success of the project.

Completion 33%

3) quote

Making an Ice Cream Shop with us is more convenient !!!

In fact, Cremeria Vienna enjoys special discounts on the fitting out of the premises that it will pass on to its franchisees.

Completion 49%

4) contract signing

This is it! The signing of the contract is the moment that marks the beginning of your affiliation with Vienna Service Project.


From this moment we will put all the experience we have accumulated in the field at your disposal.

Completion 65%

5) training

During the execution of the work of setting up the premises, the training course will begin, consisting of:



  • A theoretical part with ice cream preparation techniques, economic control systems, legal regulations affecting the industry, hygienic – sanitary regulations to be observed.
  • An operational part with production and sale of ice cream at one of our outlets.
Completion 81%

6) grand opening

You will finally be ready for your new adventure!!!


The grand opening is critical to the success of your business. That’s why Cremeria Vienna will accompany you until you are ready to run your business on your own.

Completion 100%


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